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November 19, 2019

Larue County Schools are now implementing new statewide graduation requirements. This legislation was passed last year, and sets new guidelines required for graduation, including completing pre-college curriculum, receiving dual credit in a course, or taking four courses in a career pathway of interest. One requirement that will start with this year’s freshmen will be college and career readiness. For more information, visit

It was reported to Elizabethtown Independent School District officials just before 11 PM Monday night that a threat had been made against Elizabethtown High School. Upon conferring with law enforcement, it was determined that the threat was actually against Elizabethton High School in Tennessee. Police officials in Tennessee were called, and it was confirmed that the culprit was already in custody. Elizabethtown Independent wishes to thank the public for their vigilance in reporting the potential danger.

A change in the contract for the work to build the new Fire Station #2 was discussed at a meeting of the Elizabethtown City Council held last night. Removal of former road bed to provide a proper foundation for the new building was set to exceed the budget set aside in the contract. The new amount being allowed for the project is $100,000, which will allow for proper removal and foundation work.

The parking lot of the Elizabethtown Police Department will be closed starting today so resurfacing work can be done. The department will be open during the work, and those needing to come into the building are advised to park at Pritchard Community Center. Those needing police reports can call records, and have the report e-mailed to them.

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