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January 14, 2020

The Elizabethtown Police Department responded to a report of a man dragging and assaulting a woman carrying a young child on the street in the 700 block of Hawkins Drive Tuesday night. Upon arrival, Police found Bradley Williams, 31, who was heavily intoxicated, as well as a victim with visibly swollen eyes, red marks around her neck, and bruising and swelling on her hands. The victim said she and her son tried to get away from Williams with her young son, but that he had dragged her back into the residence, punching and kicking her on the way. Once he had the two back in the home, he locked the door to prevent them from leaving. Upon medical examination, the victim was revealed to possibly have a broken orbital bone, while the child suffered scrapes on his knees from the altercation. Williams faces charges of strangulation, disorderly conduct, alcohol intoxication in a public place, resisting arrest, wanton endangerment, assault, unlawful imprisonment, and child abuse.

The Elizabethtown City Council and the Elizabethtown Planning Commission met for a joint meeting last night, discussing the comprehensive plan for Elizabethtown for the next twenty years. The representatives from both organizations were given a presentation by Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group, who specialize in community planning, and their principal, Amy Williams. Williams outlined four different themes for the advancement of the city: sustainable growth, healthy lifestyles, strong legacy, and active commerce, which were discussed in greater detail. Also discussed were possibilities for advancement to Towne Mall as well as the south side of town. The next steps for the comprehensive plan include another public input survey and drafting of plan documents, as well as another joint meeting in late March before the adoption process in April or May.

Heavy storms rolled into the Hardin County area over the weekend, and with it came power outages. Nolin RECC dealt with the calls regarding outages throughout Saturday. At two points during the day, outages peaked at approximately 900 members around the Nolin Area, though crews were quick to respond and were able to restore power to most within two hours. The Nolin service area missed the more significant damage that occurred in Western and Southern parts of the Commonwealth.

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