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January 31, 2020

The cause of the gas explosion that caused a Grayson County woman and her daughter to sustain substantial burns has been revealed. According to Grayson County Fire Chief Tim Duvall, a faulty gas furnace is to blame. Reportedly, a faulty connection to the furnace caused the leak, which then later caused the explosion. As previously reported, the resident of the home, Angela Young, and her seven-year-old daughter had to be airlifted to Louisville hospitals due to their injuries.

Fort Knox will be hosting a Super Bowl party on post this weekend. The event will begin at 6:30 at Samuel Adams Brewhouse, and will feature food for purchase, as well as recliners for seating. Arriving early will allow attendees a better shot at preferred seating.

John Hardin High School will be hosting the Region Five National Archery in the School Tournament starting today with three flights starting at five o’clock, and ten flights starting at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning. Over 1100 archers are expected to be in attendance, and range from middle to high school age students from the eight county central region. The event will also host a silent auction, and items are still being accepted. Money made from the silent auction will be put back into the archery program.

The Fort Knox Tax Center has opened for business in Pike Hall on post. The tax center prepared over 4000 returns last year, leading to over $4 million in refunds.

The Cecilian Chapel, coming to the realization that the church is going to have to be demolished due to damage from multiple fires, is asking for the community to be a part of the last act of solidarity at the church. Officials with the church want to get one last picture with everyone from the community this Sunday at 4 PM. Officials ask that anyone who has had their life affected by the chapel attend this event. As previously reported, the chapel was deemed a total loss on Tuesday, and other fires have hit the building since then.  

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