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News- February 20, 2020

The Hardin County Board of Education will vote tonight at their regularly scheduled board meeting on the merger agreement with West Point Independent Schools. Should the vote pass the Hardin County Board, it will continue on to the Kentucky Department of Education, where it will undergo approval processes, and then it will go into effect. As previously reported, the West Point Independent School district voted unanimously to sign the merger agreement with Hardin County Schools. This is a process that began with a management audit at West Point Independent Schools last summer.

The Kentucky House passed a bill on Wednesday which will limit the price of insulin. House Bill 12 would cap the cost at just $100 per thirty-day prescription, regardless of the amount of insulin needed to fill a person’s prescription. Over 50 legislators sponsored the bill, and it passed the house with 92 yeas to zero nays, and six who did not vote. If the bill passes, Kentucky will be the third state to set this cap on insulin prices.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office is making citizens aware of multiple scams in the area. One such scam involves a call from someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s office itself, claiming that the recipient of the call has an outstanding warrant. These callers may have relevant personal information on the recipient, and may even seem to be calling from the correct Grayson County Sheriff’s Office phone number. The caller will attempt to get money from the resident, either from gift cards or another means. The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office notes that they will never ask for money to take care of a warrant or other issue, and to hang up immediately if a call like this is received. Do not give personal information, and if in doubt, call the sheriff’s office.

Pritchard Community Center will be hosting an event for those who may be interested in the bridal business. Bridal Bliss will be taking place tonight from 6-9 PM at Pritchard Community Center. There will be vendors available, and the event is free. Those interested in the event can register at

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