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News- April 21, 2020

Following the guidance from Governor Andy Beshear, Hardin County Schools and Elizabethtown Independent Schools have laid out their plans for the rest of the school year. Both districts will continue non-traditional instruction for the rest of the school year, however the date of the last day of school is different for the two districts. For Hardin County Schools the last day of school will be May 15th, and for Elizabethtown Independent Schools, the last day will be May 8th. Navigating through this tough time has proven to be a challenge, but the hopeful plan is to return to normal by next school year. Hardin County Schools spokesperson John Wright reiterates that the district loves and cares for the students, and the good of the community and the students come first. In a post on the Elizabethtown Independent Schools Facebook page, the district thanks the families of students for their patience and perseverance during this time. In his evening press conference last night, Governor Beshear acknowledged the difficulty, saying that the accomplishments of students this year are no less important than any other year. The Governor said that even though an in-person graduation or prom won’t happen, he thanked students for making the sacrifice in order to save lives. This step is in accordance with White House guidance, and is being followed in other states including Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee.

In his evening press conference, Governor Andy Beshear announced that there are now 3,050 cases of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth. Of these cases, 102 were newly confirmed. It is believed that 1,144 people have recovered from the virus, however there were six new deaths reported Monday, bringing the state’s total to 154.

With warmer weather starting to stay, officials with the Elizabethtown Police Department are reminding the public that break-ins usually increase during this time of year, even in the midst of a pandemic. Officer John Thomas says not to leave valuables in vehicles at all costs, and to lock doors of vehicles in order to prevent things such as wallets, purses, or firearms from being stolen.

In an attempt to better care for COVID-19 patients and protect other patients and staff, Hardin Memorial Hospital is introducing new negative pressure rooms. These rooms keep germs or viruses from flowing out into the hallway and hospital, rather exhausting it out of the room, claims Assistant Vice President Steve White. Ten beds in intensive care and ten in critical care have been converted to these negative pressure rooms.

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