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News for July 28th

HCS to implement “A/B Schedule” for high schools

A return to school for Hardin County high school students has taken a drastic change.

During last night’s Board of Education meeting, it was announced that the district would split in-person instruction up into two rotating groups, in an effort to keep student interaction down. District spokesperson John Wright says the plan was pushed for by the principals of the schools, who felt is was the best option for those students returning to in-person instruction.

The district will host a live Q&A today at noon to answer questions from parents, teachers, and students. The change to an A/B schedule will only affect high school students.

Elizabethtown Independent to start school year online

After extensive discussion, the Elizabethtown Board of Education has decided on what course of action to take for their return to school next month. In the end, the board decided to adopt what was referred to as “Option 4”, which calls for students to begin the school year online for the first 3 week. Incoming Superintendent Kelli Bush says students without access to the online services at home would be able come to the school to complete the online instruction.

Elizabethtown students will now start online beginning August 25th.

2 Hardin County residents receive “mysterious” seeds in mail

On the same day that Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles warned residents about suspicious packets of seeds from China, several cases were reported in Hardin County.

Hardin County Extension Agent Doug Shepherd says 2 residents had contacted his office after they received the mysterious seeds instead of the ones they ordered.

“When they were delivered, they were marked as jewelry, but there were these mysterious seeds from China,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd says that if any other residents receive the the seeds, they should package them and send them to the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection in Hebron, Kentucky, where he said they will likely be grown in a controlled facility to see what they are.

Address: USDA-APHIS PPQ, P.O. Box 475, Hebron, KY 41048.

Kentucky is one of 4 states to report the packages.

KSP: Louisville man arrested after pursuit

A Louisville man arrested over the weekend after leading authorities on a pursuit.

According to arrest citations, Troopers observed alcohol in the vehicle of Jeremy Macklin, along with an odor of the beverage. Macklin gave officers false identifying information due to having previous warrants. When Troopers asked Macklin to step out of the vehicle, he allegedly put the vehicle in drive and fled the scene, almost striking a Trooper. After a short pursuit, Macklin exited the vehicle in a cul-de-sac and continued to run on foot for several blocks, hopping a six foot high fence at one point. He was pursued once more and apprehended, where he was finally identified. A search of the vehicle revealed open and half empty bottles of alcohol beneath the driver’s seat.

Macklin was lodged in the Hardin County Detention Center.

City construction projects near completion

Two significant projects for the City of Elizabethtown are nearing completion as the month of August draws closer. The Elizabethtown City Council was updated on the the renovation of Pritchard Community Center and the construction of the new Fire Station #2 at last night’s city council meeting. Facilities Management Director Scott Reynolds says that Pritchard, which received a major overhaul, was slated to move the Parks and Recreation staff back into the building by Friday. While not open yet to the public, the center is scheduled to host its first event this weekend.

Fire Station #2 is also nearing completion, Reynolds says, with construction being complete in mid-August. The Fire Department will then begin to move equipment to the new location, located on Dixie near the Western Kentucky Parkway, with the station becoming operational by September.

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