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News for August 6th

Former councilman Ron Thomas honored with plaque at Freeman Lake

During his 30 years on the Elizabethtown City Council, Ron Thomas has gone by many names. Now, “Mayor of the Lake” will forever be one of them.

The fishing dock at Freeman Lake Park was renamed in honor of former Elizabethtown City Council member Ron Thomas Wednesday afternoon. Thomas, who many said was never at a loss for words, clearly was.

“If I want to be remembered in a certain way by Elizabethtown, the lake is one of the things that is dearest to me,” an emotional Thomas said. “I’m truly honored to have my name associated with what is one of the greatest assets the city of Elizabethtown has.”

Councilmembers and former mayors were present for the plaque dedication, including former mayors Pat Durbin, David Wilmoth Jr., and Edna Berger. Berger who served on the council with Thomas and ran for mayor against him, says Thomas was a true public servant, and was never afraid to tell you what he thought. 

“He’s going to tell you exactly how it is,” Berger said, “And if you don’t agree with him, too bad. And if he doesn’t agree with you, too bad.”

“You’re going to have to work it out, and over time, you will,” Berger continued.

Councilman Tony Bishop, who served with Thomas for a number of years, said the former council member was all about doing what was best for the community.

“He just loves this city, and he’d do just about anything for it,” Bishop said of his former colleague. “[And] compassion for the people. That’s the two main things: the compassion for the city and the compassion for the people who live here.”

Thomas’ family was present at the event, helping to uncover the plaque, which stand at the foot of the fishing dock.

Thomas retired from the Elizabethtown City Council in 2018. 

Guthrie: COVID vaccine might be developed by October

While it wouldn’t be in mass production until early next year, 2nd District Representative Brett Guthrie says a coronavirus vaccine could be here as early as October.

Guthrie says that the rollout of vaccines would likely take place in January and February, and would be given to those who are most at-risk. That includes those in nursing homes, frontline works, and those who are immunocompromised.

51st Street Rod Nationals underway with COVID precautions

The Street Rod Nationals are scheduled to take to kick off this Thursday, with several precautions in place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spokesperson Jim Rowlett says that the event is taking many steps to keep attendees safe as the festivities kick off.

Rowlett also notes that there are expected to be around 6,000 cars in attendance this year. Tickets for the event will be $19 when bought at the gate.

Virtual Fort Knox Gold Rush event begins today

While the in-person event was canceled this year, a virtual version of the annual Fort Knox Gold Rush auction event will kick off today.  

Spokesperson Christie McGill. More information on the event can be found on the Ft. Knox Spouses and Community Club facebook page.

Hiroshima: 75 years later

Today marks 75 years since the bombing of Hiroshima by the U.S. Armed Forces. In a speech that was broadcasted from the U.S.S. Augusta, President Harry Truman informed the American People, and the world, of the events that took place in the Japanese city. 

The city of Elizabethtown has a connection to that day. Resident Gillen Nicely Sr. was the tailgunner on the Straight Flush, one of the planes part of the mission. The city of Nagasaki would be bombed next on August 9th.

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