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News for November 3

ECTC adds lab exclusive to coding academy

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College’s Greater Knox Coding Academy received a grant allowing for the development of a new coding lab.

Chief Advancement Officer Megan Stith

This grant was given to the college from the Education and Workforce Development cabinet, as well as the Lincoln Trail Workforce Development Board. This is the first spot on the campus that will be dedicated exclusively to the full-time students of the coding academy.

Timeline of Glendale post office pushed back

Glendale residents hoping to receive their new post office before the big holiday season are going to have to wait a few more months.

The Postal Service says that the modular building, which was originally scheduled to be set up in mid-October, will likely now be installed in January. Dan Linker with the Glendale Lions Club says that the news isn’t quite what residents wanted to hear.

Linker says the Postal Service is still committed to the new location. The office will be located on Jaggers Road in Glendale.

Vine Grove cancels Veterans Parade, celebration this year

Vine Grove residents will have to wait another year to hold their annual veterans parade and celebration. It was announced monday that the city had canceled the event. Mayor Pam Ogden says that while the event is her personal favorite, the health risks for those involved was too great.

Ogden says the cancellation is in line with the recommendation from Governor Andy Beshear, who asked counties in the red to postpone or cancel large events. Veterans Day takes place next Wednesday.

Election Day: what to know

After months of talk and preparation, election day for the 2020 General Election is finally here.

Covid-19 has preempted the state of Kentucky to change some aspects of voting today. Surrounding counties, including Hardin, LaRue, Grayson, Breckinridge, and Meade, will have at least 3 voting centers for voters. Breckinridge county has the most voting center for election day with 7. With the centers, voters aren’t restricted to a certain location.

Hardin County Clerk Debbie Donnelly

Hardin county voters can go to the gyms at either North Hardin High School, Creekside Elementary, and Lakewood Elementary, or the Hardin County Government Building. A full list of voting centers in the region can be found on the Kentucky Secretary of State’s website.

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