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Local Nonprofit to Help Raise Money for Kimble Family

On Friday, Give270, a local nonprofit, announced a crowdfunding effort for the Kimble family who lost both parents within days of each other from Covid-19. Dr. TJ and Liz Kimble were well-known in Hardin County and the special needs community for starting Joshua’s friends, a non-profit named after their son Joshua who was diagnosed with down syndrome. Their son Micah noted that Dr. Kimble was always there for them. “He was a perfect role model. He was a great advisor. Anytime we needed anything, he was probably always the first call. He loved us boys. He supported us and he had very high expectations for us. He made sure that we knew that he loved us.”

Thomas also added that their mother was selfless. “She always put others before herself and that didn’t just stop with her. She gave it to us, too. She was just beautiful in every way.”

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