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Former Red Cross Manager Recalls Aftermath of September 11th

This Saturday, our nation will remember and honor the 20th anniversary of September 11th, 2001. One local resident can vividly remember that day. Former Red Cross manager Sharon Thompson recalls being asked to help locate people after the attacks. “It was a little bit different from anything we’ve ever done before. Most of our disasters are floods, tornadoes, things like that. I was assigned to Tower 1 or the North Tower.” Sharon worked with phones in trying to locate people. She spent 23 days in New York in the aftermath of the attacks. Her experience was life-changing. “One of the beautiful things that happened were the thousands of people who rallied, and did everything they could do to be supportive. People just need to realize that actually in a blink of an eye, our lives changed forever. They simply went to work, and they didn’t come home. Maybe we need to just be kinder to each other all the time, and not wait for a national disaster to happen.”

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