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Hardin District Court Issues Bench Warrant Amnesty

The Hardin District Court has issued a bench warrant “amnesty”.

When someone charged with a criminal offense fails to show up for their court date for a jailable charge, a bench warrant is issued by the Judge for their arrest.

“That warrant typically then is served by the police, and you go into jail. You have to post a bond, and so we’re trying to prevent some of that. We had just an extraordinary number of those from the pandemic. So, we’re trying not to have law enforcement have to make those arrests and not have to put those through our jail, and instead just give those a court date,” stated Hardin County Attorney Jenny Oldham. During the months of February and March, someone with an outstanding bench warrant issued from the Hardin County District Court may call the Hardin County Clerk’s Office and set up a court date themselves. The warrant will not be recalled until the person shows up in court. 

An alphabetical bench warrant list can be found by searching “bench warrant list” on the Hardin County Government page,

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