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Second Suspect Arrested in Bullitt County Homicide

On February 2nd, the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office arrested the other suspect in the murder of Kevin Watts. “Bullitt County Sheriff’s Detectives developed viable information that the other suspect in the murder of Kevin Watts; Bradlee Simmons, 22 years old, was in Louisville in the vicinity of Southside Court and Southside Drive. 

While en route to the Southside Drive area, Detective Chris Hill, our lead investigator, was contacted by the Detectives of the Louisville Metro Police Department 3rd Division. He was advised that 3rd Division officers responded to a reported shooting at a parking lot at 6629 Southside Drive. Upon arrival, they found Bradlee Simmons, our murder suspect had apparently been shot. 

Due to previous communication between our two agencies, the officers and Detectives of LMPD’s 3rd Division recognized Simmons as our other murder suspect in the Kevin Watts murder,” stated Sheriff Walt Sholar. Simmons suffered non-life threatening injuries. He is now in the custody of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, and is charged with murder and robbery of Kevin Watts.

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