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Elizabethtown City Council Update

The Elizabethtown City Council met last night for their regularly scheduled meeting. The Council heard a first reading of the proposed Stables at Tunnel Hill multi-family development that was heard at the planning commission last week. The Council heard the second reading of the zone map amendment for the property around the Pritchard Community Center and approved the change. The Council then heard the municipal order to accept a bid for the fire training tower to be built that was discussed at the last council work session. The order was approved unanimously by the Council. 
Mayor Jeff Gregory also talked about the city’s brush clean up plan and an opportunity for residents to get free mulch made from their brush. “We have a plan to get all that cleaned up. We would ask that if you are having a tree removed or a tree that fell cut in your yard by a private contractor that private contracting company takes that debris with them as opposed to just pushing it to the road for our folks to go and pick up. Because a lot of times they leave logs that are too big or too long and it’s really hard on our equipment or it causes our equipment to malfunction or break which holds up the rest of what we’re trying to do across the city. Or you loud that up in your own truck and take it down there to Waterworks Drive and . All that everybody takes down there gets mulched up in the  grinder and mulch is made and they will gladly load your truck as you’re leaving with mulch from the finished product that you can go and landscape your yard with.”
Mayor Gregory also announced that the annual report for the city is available online through the city website for anyone wishing to review the document. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council will be a work session on March 13 at 4:30 PM.

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