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Glendale Train Derailment Updates

Work has continued overnight in Glendale at the site of the train derailment that occurred yesterday afternoon.“Crews are still on the scene at this time, still removing carts and laying new tracks down in downtown Glendale area. At this time, still the two main crossings are blocked in downtown Glendale although the Gilead Church Road crossing is open at this time. The goal was to try to get those crossings open by this afternoon at some point,” said Hardin County Emergency Management Director Joey Scott. The CSX train went into emergency to avoid colliding with a semi-truck and trailer stuck on the crossing on Gilead Church Road. Twenty-one rail cars were derailed. There were no hazardous materials involved. The investigation is on-going.

Previous story:
There was a train derailment in Glendale yesterday afternoon. An official statement from CSX Railroad hours after the accident sent to WQXE news shared the following: “ A CSX train went into emergency attempting to avoid a collision with a semi-truck and trailer stuck on the crossing. Preliminary reports indicate that 21 rail cars derailed as a result of that emergency action. No hazardous materials are involved.” According to an update from the Transportation Cabinet at 7:30 last night, the Gilead Church Road KY 1136 South opened back up. The KY 222 crossing would likely remain closed for several days. “Obviously the downtown crossing at 222 in Glendale. That’s going to be closed for a while. I can’t tell you what awhile means, but it’s not going to be a quick issue with that particular crossing. That’s where you know most of the mess is and cars overturned. All of that to 222 is going to be closed.” We will continue to update this story throughout the day.

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