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Glendale Train Derailment Clean Up In Final Phases, Roads Reopen

The Glendale community is getting back to a sense of normalcy following the train derailment last Thursday. “The cleanup is going well. They’ve got all the debris, all the remnants of the train cars, everything is gone. All the cleanup contractors are out of town. Trains are running through. They’re now just kind of doing the final cleanup. They’re fixing some roads that have been damaged, fixing yards and things like that that have equipment in them. The town is coming back to normal pretty quickly,” said Glendale Fire Chief Dave Black. Trains were able to start moving through on Friday. “They started running trains through Friday afternoon, Friday evening, slowly. They’re still on a lower speed limit until they get the rails all adjusted and fused.” The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced this morning that KY 222 is also back open in Glendale. “The road is open. Our crews are around picking up barrels, cones and blockades. And don’t be surprised if there are some short-term, few minute type blockages as some other things continue to go on out there with some recovery cleanup,” shared Transportation Cabinet District 4 spokesperson Chris Jessie. Motorists may notice rough patches at the crossings. “We have gotten some calls, especially in the northern (KY) 1136 issue there where the pavement is rough. Keep in mind, the crossings themselves, the pavement in the crossing, is the responsibility and maintenance of the railroads. So they’ll see issues there that need to be passed along to the railroad. Keep in mind that we can’t get on the tracks and do any maintenance. Obviously the goal was to get the road open.” We will pass along any additional updates as they come available. 

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