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94 Second News Update

Three Hardin County Residents Indicted On Child Abuse Charges

Three Hardin County residents have been indicted on child abuse charges from an incident that took place in January. On January 9,  25 year old Clovis Smith and 23 year old Satrina Layne, both of Rineyville, were taken into custody after they took Smith’s son to the hospital when Smith found the child unresponsive in the home. “Hardin County Department for Community Based Services contacted KSP regarding a five-year-old that was originally brought into Baptist Health Hardin with serious physical injuries. The child was later airlifted to Norton’s Children’s Hospital in Louisville for treatment of what was described as life threatening injuries,” stated Kentucky State Police Public Affairs Officer Scotty Sharp. Smith, Layne and 45 year old Jessica Jackson were all indicted on two counts of 1st degree Criminal Abuse of a Child on February 23. All three are lodged in the Hardin County Detention Center.

Nominate Your Favorite Kentucky Product As The Coolest Thing In Kentucky

The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers has announced the 2023 Coolest Thing Made in Kentucky tournament. The bracket style tournament allows Kentuckians to nominate what they believe is the coolest product made in the commonwealth. Any product using a manufacturing process made in Kentucky is eligible to be nominated. Nominations are open until March 19. On March 21 voting to narrow the field to the top 16 products will start. Round one of the bracket will begin on March 28, round two on April 4 and the finals round will be held April 18 through April 23. The final winner will be announced April 28. Nominate your favorite products at

Hardin County Leadership Class Fundraising To Build Vine Grove Community Dog Park

The Hardin County Leadership Class is working to build a community dog park in the city of Vine Grove.  “The dog park is going to be a ten thousand square foot area. It’s going to have a large dog area and a small dog area. To get some of the funds we’re using Give270 March 29 through April 5. And we also have a GoFundMe. You can visit the City of Vine Grove Facebook page, and that’s where it’s at,” said member Shane Witt. The group also has corporate sponsorship opportunities available. “We identified three initial tiers – $500, $1,000 and $1,500 – and based on those sponsorships would get you different signage at the park. So if corporate or businesses want to – or individuals – want to sponsor one of those tiers, if they don’t want to do that through GoFundMe, they can also mail the donation directly to the city of Vine Grove. Just designate it as dog park somewhere so that they know how to identify that on the donation. But we hope to have the project done by May 15. We all graduate June 1. So a quick turn around for a project of this size,” said member Lisa Wise. This project will add to the all-inclusive playground, splash pad and activities available at Optimist Park. For more information or to donate go to the Vine Grove City Hall Facebook page.

Rough River Lake Dam Public Hearing Provides Updates

The United States Army Corps of Engineers held a public hearing Tuesday night to discuss the implementation of interim risk reduction measures at Rough River Lake. The measures include reducing the summer pool water level to 490 feet which is 5 feet below the normal pool along with a delayed fill date of April 1 to reduce stress on the dam. The levels would have to remain in place for the completion of the project which is expected to take six years. The Corps of Engineers wanted to address concerns about the impacts on recreation. Based on data from previous summers with pools at similar levels, the Corps of Engineers stated the impacts should be minimal. Eighteen of twenty-one boat ramps will still be accessible and there should be limited impacts to marinas. North Fork Beach and State Park Beach will be closed but Laurel Branch Public Use Beach will be open. Axtel will remain open to campers of the campground only. All Corps of Engineers managed campgrounds will remain open. As far as private docks, approximately 60% may be impacted. Private dock permit holders will need to coordinate with the project office to determine if a temporary extension or relocation is possible. Additional information can be found on the project website.

Vine Grove City Council Meeting Update

The Vine Grove City Council held its work session and regularly scheduled meeting Monday night. Eric Redmon, Andrew Dale And Derek Dunn, who is the state coordinator for the Professional Disc Golf Association, approached the council about adding a disc golf course at the city park. The group told the council about how the sport of disc golf has grown, especially since the pandemic, and shared how cities around Vine Grove like Brandenburg and Elizabethtown have seen tournaments come to their courses. The courses are fairly inexpensive to set up and maintain. The council said they were open to exploring the idea and referred the group to Public Works Director Chris Mayhew to work out details to bring back to the council. 
The council discussed financing options for a new fire truck. They selected option 4 for $1.3 million with a payment of $145,260.17 annually. The amount that they’re actually going to be paying is $1,253,687.50 with the first payment not being due for fifteen months.”
The council heard a first reading of an ordinance adopting a fee schedule for electric inspections. At the end of March, electrical inspections for Vine Grove will no longer go through the Hardin County Planning and Development Office. The council scheduled a special hearing to have the second reading of the ordinance and to vote on the fees ahead of the contract expiring with the county on March 31. 
Councilwoman Mary Dunn wanted to make sure the city publicized the upcoming Hardin County Comprehensive Plan Open House that will be held at Woodland Elementary on March 29 at 4:30 PM. She also announced that a historical society was being established in Vine Grove. 
The next meeting of the Vine Grove City Council will be the special meeting called to hear and vote on the electric fee schedule on March 20 at 5:30 PM.

Hardin County Animal Shelter At Capacity, Lowers Adoption Fees For Adult Dogs

The Hardin County Animal Shelter is asking for the community’s help to find homes for dogs currently at the shelter. “Right now, we have 72 dogs so we’re going to have a special BC’s Birthday Bash, which everybody knows BC, our shelter, the one that runs the shelter actually, IS turning 11 and to celebrate, all adult dog adoption fees are lowered to just $11. Now, when you think about it, $11 for a dog that is spayed or neutered up to date on their vaccines and everything. We ask that you bring in one of the items off of our wish list which are simple things like dog treats, dog food, blankets. You can go online and look at those different things that we have on our wish list and we will give you the $11 adoption fee,” said Shelter Director Mike McNutt. The shelter is open Monday through Saturday noon until 4 PM. More information including the shelter wish list and pictures of animals available can be found on the Hardin County Animal Shelter Facebook page.