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94 Second News Update

Vine Grove City Council Meeting Update

The Vine Grove City Council held its work session and regularly scheduled meeting Monday night. Eric Redmon, Andrew Dale And Derek Dunn, who is the state coordinator for the Professional Disc Golf Association, approached the council about adding a disc golf course at the city park. The group told the council about how the sport of disc golf has grown, especially since the pandemic, and shared how cities around Vine Grove like Brandenburg and Elizabethtown have seen tournaments come to their courses. The courses are fairly inexpensive to set up and maintain. The council said they were open to exploring the idea and referred the group to Public Works Director Chris Mayhew to work out details to bring back to the council. 
The council discussed financing options for a new fire truck. They selected option 4 for $1.3 million with a payment of $145,260.17 annually. The amount that they’re actually going to be paying is $1,253,687.50 with the first payment not being due for fifteen months.”
The council heard a first reading of an ordinance adopting a fee schedule for electric inspections. At the end of March, electrical inspections for Vine Grove will no longer go through the Hardin County Planning and Development Office. The council scheduled a special hearing to have the second reading of the ordinance and to vote on the fees ahead of the contract expiring with the county on March 31. 
Councilwoman Mary Dunn wanted to make sure the city publicized the upcoming Hardin County Comprehensive Plan Open House that will be held at Woodland Elementary on March 29 at 4:30 PM. She also announced that a historical society was being established in Vine Grove. 
The next meeting of the Vine Grove City Council will be the special meeting called to hear and vote on the electric fee schedule on March 20 at 5:30 PM.

Hardin County Animal Shelter At Capacity, Lowers Adoption Fees For Adult Dogs

The Hardin County Animal Shelter is asking for the community’s help to find homes for dogs currently at the shelter. “Right now, we have 72 dogs so we’re going to have a special BC’s Birthday Bash, which everybody knows BC, our shelter, the one that runs the shelter actually, IS turning 11 and to celebrate, all adult dog adoption fees are lowered to just $11. Now, when you think about it, $11 for a dog that is spayed or neutered up to date on their vaccines and everything. We ask that you bring in one of the items off of our wish list which are simple things like dog treats, dog food, blankets. You can go online and look at those different things that we have on our wish list and we will give you the $11 adoption fee,” said Shelter Director Mike McNutt. The shelter is open Monday through Saturday noon until 4 PM. More information including the shelter wish list and pictures of animals available can be found on the Hardin County Animal Shelter Facebook page.

Breckinridge County School Bus In Collision

A Breckinridge County school bus was involved in a collision on Highway 60 this morning. Breckinridge County Schools Superintendent Nick Carter released the following statement following the accident. ”Around 7:20 this morning, one of our school buses was involved in an accident involving two other vehicles. There were six students on board, one driver and one bus monitor. Right now, it does not appear that any of them have any serious injuries. Everyone is being checked out for precautionary reasons, and we are following all of our standard processes and procedures. We’re just, you know, very thankful that it wasn’t worse than what it was. And certainly, our thoughts are with everyone that was involved. And just want to thank all of our local EMS and police and everyone who just responded so quickly to get to the scene to make sure that our students and staff members were okay,” said Superintendent Nick Carter. The accident is still under investigation.

Governor Beshear Announces Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative

Governor Andy Beshear announced a supply chain initiative to help manufacturers reduce costs. “One of the first steps in this initiative is the launch of CONNEX Kentucky, a new online platform that provides a searchable supply chain database for manufacturers throughout the state. On the site, Kentucky manufacturers can connect with 140,000 manufacturers locally and nationally. This is a tool where we’re going to be able to get online and say I need X or I need Y. We’ve been having challenges. Here are all the Kentucky suppliers,” said Governor Andy Beshear. On hand for the announcement was Johnny Jacobs, General Manager at Nucor Steel Brandenburg. “Our state leaders have clearly recognized that manufacturing provides great careers to the men and women of the state and is critical to the overall economy. The vision of our state leadership to support manufacturing and to recognize the value of building out the full supply chain is having a multiplier effect and will deliver value for many generations to come, ” said Jacobs. Kentucky is home to over 5,000 manufacturing facilities with approximately 250,000 employees and ranks among the leading manufacturing states nationally. 

Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers Against Storm Related Scams

The Better Business Bureau is reminding people to research contractors who might approach those with damages in the aftermath of these storms. “So BBB is warning our consumers to be on the lookout for storms chasing scammers in the aftermath of the storm. We often see these types of scams pop up in the aftermath of destructive and severe weather. So if you do have property damage that you’re looking to get repaired, we strongly advise you to research any contractor you hire first. Make sure you get at least three to four quotes from contractors. Take your time to find someone you can trust, get a written contract that specifies the price and the work to be done. And turn away or avoid any high-pressure tactics such as someone trying to demand payment up front or a high down payment up front,” said Spokesperson Whitney Adkins. You can research contractors at to see if they have ratings or reports against them. 

Elizabethtown City Council Update

The Elizabethtown City Council met last night for their regularly scheduled meeting. The Council heard a first reading of the proposed Stables at Tunnel Hill multi-family development that was heard at the planning commission last week. The Council heard the second reading of the zone map amendment for the property around the Pritchard Community Center and approved the change. The Council then heard the municipal order to accept a bid for the fire training tower to be built that was discussed at the last council work session. The order was approved unanimously by the Council. 
Mayor Jeff Gregory also talked about the city’s brush clean up plan and an opportunity for residents to get free mulch made from their brush. “We have a plan to get all that cleaned up. We would ask that if you are having a tree removed or a tree that fell cut in your yard by a private contractor that private contracting company takes that debris with them as opposed to just pushing it to the road for our folks to go and pick up. Because a lot of times they leave logs that are too big or too long and it’s really hard on our equipment or it causes our equipment to malfunction or break which holds up the rest of what we’re trying to do across the city. Or you loud that up in your own truck and take it down there to Waterworks Drive and . All that everybody takes down there gets mulched up in the  grinder and mulch is made and they will gladly load your truck as you’re leaving with mulch from the finished product that you can go and landscape your yard with.”
Mayor Gregory also announced that the annual report for the city is available online through the city website for anyone wishing to review the document. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council will be a work session on March 13 at 4:30 PM.