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January 29, 2020

The West Point Independent School District Board has unanimously agreed to enter into negotiations with Hardin County Schools for the purposes of a merger. Tearful chairman Eddie Moore introduced the items on the agenda before interim superintendent Sally Sugg began a presentation, laying out the financial impact the court case surrounding the school is having on the community. If legal battles continued, the total cost to the district could come to over $120,000. Also present at the board meeting was Hardin County Schools superintendent Teresa Morgan, who answered questions from the crowd and stressed the importance of creating familiarity for students should a merger take place. Morgan states that Hardin County Schools will make a priority out of bringing staff from West Point to the schools to create a familiar environment for the children. A list of frequently asked questions regarding the potential merger can be found on the West Point Independent Schools website.

The Hardin County Fiscal Court heard a presentation from Hardin County United regarding designating Hardin County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary, which would defend against federal or state legislation that would control access to firearms or ammunition. Hardin County Judge Executive heard the presentation from Spokesperson Rob Powers, but said that the county could not accommodate the designation at this time. The Larue County Fiscal Court passed a similar resolution earlier this month.

A Big Clifty woman has been arrested for animal cruelty after several malnourished horses were found on her property. Deputies with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office responded to the residence after reports of mistreatment of the animals. Five horses were on the property, and one more had to be euthanized due to its condition. Once the arrest was made, the owner, Shiloh Lisa Lee, surrendered the horses to the Sheriff’s Department. Multiple other horses were found dead on the property the following day, and one of the rescued horses later died as well. The rest of the horses are in a wildlife rehab center in Grayson County. Lee was charged with several counts of animal cruelty, and is lodged in the Grayson County Detention Center.

The Cecilian Chapel, which was hit by fire late Monday night and into Tuesday morning, has been designated a total loss. According to a post to the Chapel’s Facebook page, the firefighters on the scene worked hard to save the sanctuary, but the roof has fallen in, and the floor in the sanctuary has given way. Because of this, the walls are pulling in and jeopardizing the stained glass windows. Officials with the chapel have expressed doubt in even being able to salvage the pews in the chapel due to the failing structural integrity. The chapel has requested that people who have held events at the Chapel post pictures from them on the Facebook page, so that everyone can remember the happy times.

Nolin River Wildlife has unveiled a new logo with a new slogan. The logo features the face of a raccoon, and will be accompanied with the slogan “Nurturing Hope”. This slogan is a reference to a raccoon named Hope that died earlier in the month after attempts to rehabilitate her. According to comments on the organization’s Facebook page, merchandise with the new logo and slogan is already in the works.

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