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News for August 27th

Louisville man arrested after robbery, fleeing from police

A Louisville man was arrested last night after fleeing from police into the Elizabethtown Walmart. Police say Trevor Kappler was leaving Hardin Memorial when he allegedly stole a woman’s purse. 

Officer Chris Denham

Kappler was charged with Robbery, Wanton Endangerment, Fleeing or Evading, as well as several other charges. He was lodged in the Hardin County Detention Center.

Plans announced for early, in-person voting for November

More details have been released about early, in-person voting for registered voters this coming November. Hardin County Clerk Debbie Donnelly says residents within the county will have several options for early voting if they choose to vote in-person.

Hardin County Clerk Debbie Donnelly

Donnelly says the county is working on getting their three voting centers approved for the election, which she says will allow residents to vote at whichever location is convenient for them. The locations will be somewhere in the North, South, and Central parts of the county.

Those who wish to vote absentee can request their ballots now by going to

Hardin County Schools: Over 3,600 students taking part in online learning academy

A better picture of how Hardin County students returned to the classroom Monday is now available.

Over 10,000 students, a majority of students, returned to in-person instruction during the district’s hybrid schedule approach. 26% of the district’s students, or just over 3,600, are attending through the online learning academy. As a result, the district has had to hire on additional instructors for the online instruction.

Spokesperson John Wright

Hardin County Schools students started back earlier this week.

With looming flu season in the midst of a pandemic, officials urge use of flu shot

Health officials are urging residents to get the flu vaccine this year. Lincoln Trail District Health Department spokesperson Terrie Burgan says that while the flu vaccine won’t protect someone from COVID-19, it could possibly prevent them from fighting both at the same time. A potentially deadly 1-2 punch

LTDHD Spokesperson Terrie Burgen

Bergan says residents should speak to their health care provider to determine when best to receive a flu vaccine. Bergen says the state saw 162 flu-related deaths during last flu season.

Clarity releases plans for Walk for Life

Clarity Solutions will be holding their annual Walk For Life once again this year, and precautions due to COVID-19 are being taken. 

Spokesperson Maegan Bennett

Walkers will be scheduled to walk between 9-12. More information, including promotional videos and registration, can be found at

Kentucky Railway Museum steams ahead with Christmas event

As another organization impacted by covid-19, the Kentucky Railway Museum has seen it’s attendance impacted by the virus and it’s accompanying restrictions.

“Our percentages are way down from last year, and that’s because we’re only able to un once every week,” Museum spokesperson Lynn Kustes explained. “That’s had an impact on our numbers, as well as revenue.”

With that in mind, the museum is moving ahead with their plans for their annual Sanat Express, which Kustes confirmed was one of their largest events, usually selling out in advance. But the museum is still going to have to slash capacity for the holiday excursions.

“We are to have that event at 50% capacity, which is a huge drop for us,” Kustes said. “Typically, we have 300 people on our trains per trip. So you’re talking about dropping those numbers to 150 people.”

Tickets to the event are on sale, and can be found on the museum’s website.

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