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Grayson County Man Calls Emergency Services, Refuses Treatment, Leads to Felony Charges. 

On Sunday morning the Grayson county Sheriff’s office responded to a call put out by the Grayson County Emergency Medical Service about a man refusing to cooperate. 

61 year old Dennis Embry of Falls of Rough reportedly called 911 claiming he had breathing problems and chest pain. 

When EMS arrived he was allegedly being uncooperative and was armed, to assist with the call the Sheriff’s Office came out to help.    

Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins says that when his deputy arrived, he noticed the individual was under the influence of drugs. 

The decision was made to put him under arrest for harassing communications. This led to a search where Methamphetamines and Marijuana was discovered on his person. 

Further investigations revealed that he was in possession of a stolen handgun from Campbellsburg.   

He is currently residing in the Grayson County Detention Center. The investigation is still ongoing.

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