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John Hardin High School FFA Awarded $10,000

John Hardin High School has won $10,000 in the second annual Altec’s Innovation Challenge.

“So with the Innovation Challenge, we’re able to connect our community and the great people of Hardin County with something that is near and dear to our heart, which is innovation. We have been making custom trucks for over 100 years. We understand the importance of STEM and bringing engineering ideas to life,” stated Challenge committee member Katy Howlett.

Ten Teams from within Hardin County, Larue County, and Elizabethtown Independent School Districts participated in this challenge, with the John Hardin FFA team taking home to top prize with their aquaculture systems that will be used to help grow aquatic organisms as a source of food for Warm Blessings Community Kitchen. “We’re here to educate the next generation, and we are excited to take this $10,000 and get started on what we’re trying to do,” stated John Hardin student Dawson Hall.
More than 45 students participated in this challenge.

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